Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some crochet

A little vest I made for Shira, for next winter, and perhaps for Tehilla too, the winter after that.
Made during little snippets of time here and there.
It's very simple and straightforward, with a square opening.
I like it.
Have a wonderful day!

Mrs. T


wendylf said...

You did a very good job...inspiring. I think I'll try someing like that for me. Thanks for sharing.

THE Princess Bombshell* said...

SOOOO cute!!!

Very hip.

Lady Anne said...

That is beautiful! I wish I could crochet or knit, but I'm left handed and people say trying to teach me is like watching a kid learn to roller skate.

BUT, I do beautiful smocking (if I do say so myself!) and I've been told my pie crust is wonderful.

We each have our own talents!

Michelle Therese said...


I have no idea what is going on with President Obama and his turning on Israel and support of Hamas and Palastine.

Just know that the majority of Americans stand with Israel!! Please don't judge us by the Obama administration. :-( This is nuts. We are watching a return to Germany 1933!!! Obama is supporting the Isamists taht say Jews are vermin that need to be eradicated. HELLO!!!

God keep you all safe.


Michelle Therese said...

I still hope to learn how to crochet, knit, and sew. I've had a bit of a delay with three tiny kids to care for but they are getting older. The twins are 15 months now and Elspeth is 30 months!

We've converted an old dairy shed to a studio but it is still not complete. Hopefully by July! So that will help with my creative endevours and my art dreams. :-)

God bless!!