Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Shavuot!

Shavuot is very nearly here, and as usual, it is marked by the blossom of the pomegranate tree (as seen in the picture), which should bear its fruit close to Rosh Ha-Shana. 

As some of you perhaps remember, Shavuot also happens to be my husband's birthday. His birthday cake is already tucked in the freezer, waiting for the grand occassion - this year, I made chocolate cake with ice cream layers, and you can be sure it will be thoroughly enjoyed.

I'm not sure I'll be able to squeeze in another post before Shavuot, so I'm taking this opportunity to with a very happy holiday to all my Jewish readers. I hope to be back before long, as I have a lot to talk about, and the only thing limiting me is time. 

Your friend,

Mrs. T


Anonymous said...

Chocolate cake with ice cream layers sounds very much like something my man would enjoy =) Would you care to share the recipe?

Analytical Adam said...

Happy birthday to your husband and many more.

Some do celebrate it on Yom Rishon (First Day) Sunday a week from today because the passage says in Leviticus Chapter 23 Verse 15 to count after the Shabbath 7 "full" weeks and that is what it says in the hebrew. It is one holiday with no specific date unlike the other holidays.

Hillel I believe created the calender with some stipulations that create the new moon to be on the wrong day because they didn't want holiday to come out on Friday or Sunday which only Passover once in a while comes out on Sunday. So for whatever reason Rabbis didn't want holiday on Sunday but it would mmake sense to celebrate Shavoath the giving of the torah after Shabbos since unlike other holidays there is no distinct activity celebrate it.

Hillel did do a good job of creating the calender although it was more created in the exile when people really would not know and also there is a slight miscalculation (in the 7/19 years having a leap month) as they found out about the length of the year by the scientists of that time period which sadly they don't give credit to as sadly most Rabbis have been feminist because that way nobody minds if other men who are not part of their clique are given credit which clearly was the case hear just as Rabbis didn't discover electricity from God telling them at Har Sinai. If it was given from Har Sinai the number would be right on not slightly off.

Anyway, happy Shavoath and I hope we really over time not just practice torah the way it was practiced in the exile which included the male religious leaders never giving credit to other men and things they did that helped the Rabbis which they mimicked the way men behaved in other religions.

Beka said...

Have a very blessed Shavout, Anna! The pomegranates will be scrumptious, especially when grown in Eretz Israel!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Anon, you can find the ice cream recipe here:

And for chocolate cake, use any simple recipe you like.

Then bake the cake in a round baking pan, and when it's cool, cut it in half across its width, so you get two layers. Spread one layer of ice-cream between the layers of cake, and one layer of cake. Decorate as you wish, with grated chocolate, ground walnuts, coconut, etc. Pop in the freezer.

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday to Mr. T.! I'm certain the cake was wonderful. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with chocolate!

all the best-

Donalacasa said...

Chag sameach!


Carol said...

In the Christian faith we call the festival of weeks Pentecost.

Have a blessed celebration.

Jenndiggy said...

I was in Israel for Shavout a few years back. One of the neatest experiences of my life to be there at a holiday. I'm not Jewish, but truly loved my experience there! I hope to return someday, Israel is one of my favorite places I've ever traveled!