Monday, June 13, 2011

Our recent happenings

During the last few days, we've been so busy around here that I didn't have time so much as to look in the direction of the computer. However, here I'm back again with a little update.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Shavuot, and my husband's birthday as well. Upon returning home from our family visit, we had lots to do, and a few adventures I might share in follow-up posts. 
Above: a grape vine with some grapes ripening. Our little garden is enclosed by two large vines, one in the front and the other in the back. The back one is made to grow in such a way that it provides a wonderful green shadowy leafy canopy during the summer months. 
Above: stuffed grape leaves, made by a recipe similar to this one. Of course, we used fresh grape leaves from our garden, which plays a very important part in the right taste of this dish. I tasted stuffed grape leaves made with preserved leaves, and it doesn't even come close. But if you live in an area where you can pick fresh grape leaves, you might want to take advantage of that. 
A hedgehog we found last night, roaming in the garden, and managed to capture with the lens of our camera before he scuffled away. This was the first time I saw one of those around here.

Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope to be back for another update soon.

Your friend,

Mrs. T


Linda said...

A hedgehog! How wonderful. They are insatiable devourers of garden pests. Also of any berries they can reach. They will keep your garden free of slugs, beetles, cabbage worms and other such ilk, as well as clean up any fallen fruit that might harbor over-wintering pests or insect eggs. If you want to coax him or her stay around put out a little bowl of water next to a sheltered area, like under a bush, and keep clean water in it. Do not put out cat or dog food, table scraps or dairy products. These are very bad for hedgehogs. With quiet and gentle movements he will become quite used to your presence. The girls of course will need to be told that he best enjoys their company from a polite distance even though he is so cute.
I always enjoy your photos.

Serena said...

I love hearing from you. :) There's something so special about a grapevine, isn't there?

Amy said...

I loved stuffed grape leaves! I didn't like them when I was first introduced to them, because they seemed a little bitter to me. Now I love them and, you're right, the fresh leaves are so much better.