Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 Right next to where we live, someone keeps horses for riding and breeding. His stables, naturally, are a source of constant attraction and delight to the little ones of the neighbourhood. Here are a few pictures from our visit there today.

 A close-up. This horse was looking up at me rather hopefully for a while, as though expecting a treat... but was disappointed - we came empty-handed.
An adorable little one, next to its mama.

Computer time has been very short lately, but I hope to catch up with comments and emails soon, and in the meantime, thank you for your patience with me, and have a wonderful, beautiful day.


Mrs. T

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Those are beautiful horses. We have two horses and a pony and they are the delight of all children.

I love to look out at them in the pasture.