Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer pleasures

 Beautiful beach photos, taken by my husband.

 A backyard clothesline, full of little cotton things.
Two of our chicks, which have grown a lot in the past weeks. I initially thought of chickens only as providers of fresh healthy eggs, but now I'm just enjoying them as they are - exceedingly cute and lovable birds.

Today is 4-th of July, and I know my American readers are celebrating Independence Day, so I hope you all have a good time!

Mrs. T


Lady Anne said...

Beatuiful pictures of the beach. Where were they taken? I suffer from sun-poisoning, and can't go out during the day, so I really love to enjoy the photos. (No truth to the rumor that I am a vampire.)

My grandparents had chickens, which I also enjoyed watching and talking to. I once spent most of a day trying to teach a chicken to talk! (OK, I was maybe six, at the oldest.) The bird and I worked on this for quite some time, until I actually had her saying "tut-tut", which even I figured was about as good as it was going to get.

Joy said...

What pretty beach pictures!

Miss Tatiana said...

The laundry picture was so nice to see-- I loved all the grapes and grape leaves growing around that spot. :)

Rose said...

Those palm trees on the beach are delightful! So glad to hear the chooks are going well.

Marie said...

I read your blog regularly, but I never say "hello",so.....hello! Thanks for thinking of us Americans on this 4th of July. The beach pictures are amazing. Wow.

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful beach. I always thought of Israel as desert land, ha! I am having a good 4th of July. Went to a bbq last night and I can see the city fireworks from my house tonight.

Katie V. said...

Thanks for 4thof July wishes Anna. What beauuutiful beach. Hope you got to have a little swim!

Joy at Adventurous Beginnings said...

Thank you for thinking of us on the 4th of July! My family and I had a wonderful weekend, seeing a parade and some fireworks.
Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of the beach in the northern parts of the US we do not have beaches like that, so it a joy to see them.