Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer snapshots

Peacock feathers - a trophy from a recent trip to the mini zoo. The peacock is just in the process of changing his tail feathers, and we were kindly given the permission to go inside and take those he cast off.
Muscat grapes ripening on the wine.
The neighbours' dwarf rabbits, which were left in our charge over the weekend. Aren't they adorably fluffy?

Yesterday, just as the day's heat was lessening, we went out for a walk of such delightfulness that it made me regret I cannot capture it on camera, due to Shabbat. Of course, no camera could truly convey the atmosphere around us; the rocky mountains, growing more and more mysterious in the gathering dusk; the lovely outlines of the ancient hedgerows and remnants of old homes about a thousand years old; the birds circling in the sky and the animals coming out of their holes to breathe the wonderful, cool, fresh air. All the things that make me ever thankful for living in an area of such breathtaking beauty all around.

I hope you are all having a lovely day,

Mrs. T


Rebekah said...

Dear Mrs. Anna, you live in the most beautiful country in the world! Shalom.

Laura said...

Have a wonderful week.
These were perfect summer photographs.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely post! Your daily-life posts always make me smile. I appreciate your sharing - have a blessed week.

Nonna said...

Our peacocks here have just begun dropping their tail feathers in the last couple of days as well! :) Funny how something like that makes your side of the world seem just a bit closer... :)