Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moving and birthdays

Now that things have calmed a bit around here, I'm at leisure to sit down for a few minutes and write a longer update, probably the last one before Rosh Ha-Shana, which is Wednesday evening. Some of you might remember that Rosh Ha-Shana will also be the first birthday of our Tehilla, who was born last year just a few hours after the holiday candles had been lit all around Israel. How very thankful, endlessly thankful I am for the blessing of this dear, sweet, beautiful daughter, who gives us joy every day and every moment of her precious life.

I vividly remember the weeks leading up to her birth, and the mounting anxiety as 40, 41, 42 weeks were counted, and no signs of approaching labor appeared. We weren't really worried, but we did grow impatient to hold her in our arms, closer to the end. And finally, here she was, just on *her* right time - 43 weeks and 3 days, a quick, natural and uncomplicated birth. A miracle. She was born with a visible defect in her foot, a misplaced bone which the pediatrician warned us will never be quite corrected, and will only improve with extensive physiotherapy. There were many tears and prayers, and when she went through an orthopedic examination, only 5 days after her birth, there was *no* defect to be found. Both her tiny pink feet were smooth and perfect, and such they remain. Another miracle. 

She was born tongue-tied, but despite this obstacle, we are still nursing successfully, and she also shows signs of becoming an early talker. Truly there is no end of things to be thankful for. 

Since starting this blog way back a few years ago, I got married, had two children, and moved four times, two of them with my husband and I as a family. Moving is always hectic; last time we did it, I was pregnant and all the bending, lifting, packing and unpacking was a real strain on my back. This time, I wasn't pregnant, but we now have two children and much more accumulated possessions than we had when we were only married 6 months. In the haste of packing, I had no time to weed through it all and decide what we can do without, so I just shoved it all into boxes, and I'm decluttering as I'm unpacking. I already have two big boxes of books, clothes and toys I forgot we even had, which is a sure sign we can safely give them away and never miss them.

I don't have access to the camera yet, so all I have to describe our beautiful surroundings is my humble words. I hope you will bear with me. Just as we set foot in this house, I told my husband, "this is the kind of place I have always dreamed of living in"; so many things spelled h-o-m-e to us right away. The private little path with gravel crunching under our feet, the lovely wooden front porch which merges into a wraparound verandah with gorgeous mountain view. On our first morning here, I went outside to the verandah and had my breath taken away by the beauty of the mountains, and the mist hanging about them, first grey and then golden, and then slowly dispelled by the rising sun. 

Compared to our previous home, which we also loved, and in which we were very happy, this house has many more windows and so much more light and air. I'm happiest when I bask in the sunshine, which makes it lucky we live in Israel!

The bedrooms and office have wood plank floors, which give such a warm, inviting atmosphere. In Israel, you'll find tiled floors pretty much everywhere. Tiles are the practical, easy-to-clean choice, and they make the summer heat more bearable, but nothing can beat my undying love for wooden flooring. Even if it's more work to clean them. ;o)

The man who built this house is a wonderfully ingenious inventor, who did all the planning himself. He also planted extensively, and left us with many lovely trees, plants and a beautiful grape vine which wraps around part of the verandah. This reconciled me somewhat with leaving our grape vines behind, back in our old home. All in all, I'm thankful for being placed here, at this season of our life as a family, and we intend to make most of every day. 

I do hope to have pictures soon, though probably not as soon as I hoped, as I doubt I will be able to squeeze in another post before Rosh Ha-Shana. In the meantime, I would like to thank all you dear friends for the warm, kind and encouraging messages you sent our way through email and in the comments. 


Mrs. T


Thia said...

Happy Birthday to Tehilla! Your new home sounds beautiful.

Lanita said...

Your word pictures were very vivid. I could almost picture what your home and surrounding area looks like. But it will be nice to see photos when you get the opportunity. Happy birthday to little Tehilla. You are truly blessed with your beautiful little daughters.

momto9 said...

I Love that you enjoy whatever season of life you are in and arent rushing to get to the next!! Some of us took longer to learn that:) so glad you kow this as it truly makes life sweet!!
Your home sounds beautiful and I very much look forward to the pictures!

Rose said...

It sounds wonderful Anna, I look forward to your photos.

Katy M. said...

Anna, we can't wait for pictures! :)

Katie V. said...

It sounds heavenly! What a lovely setting to riaise children. With prayers for your settling in. I like your idea of bringing a meal to your new neighbor.

Leah Brand-Burks said...

Happy birthday to a darling girl! And your new home does sound so lovely.

Jordin said...

It sounds breathtaking, Anna. Can't wait to see photos. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter!

Diana said...

It sounds so wonderful. The way you describe it is like seeing!!
I'm so glad you are settling in it sounds such a beautiful place. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.

Jimena said...

Congratulations on the move and a first Birthday! It all sounds wonderful. I feel very happy to read about how you are all being blessed. Would love to see pictures.

Mrs. Santos said...

Sounds lovely! God bless your new home!