Monday, October 3, 2011

From our new home

I have many photos to post, but since the connection won't allow me to upload more at the moment, for now I will only share the beautiful view from our verandah. Being just above this valley gives us the amazing experience of watching the soaring birds from above. 


momto9 said...

what a beautiful view! Like paradise! I imagine how peaceful it is to wake up to such a view every morning,

Katie V. said...

Wow, lovely Anna! May I ask how far away (or close) is your nearest neighbor? It seems quite undeveloped (in the good sense) there!

How about Shadow for your little kitty (or even Shadow in Hebrew.) :)

Bonnie said...

wow what an amazing view! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. T!!
What a lovely view of the mountains of Israel you have. I live in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range, halfway between Seattle & Tacoma... in Washington state. That is the "real" Washington! :-) These are to my east.

I also have a view of the Olympic mountain range, which is to the west of me.

But living in the Pacific Northwest it is NOT usually sunny, but cloudy. Shhh, promise not to tell? It doesn't rain here as much as people think. It is just overcast much of the time. But there is a certain beauty in the clouds. It isn't always a uniform color, but contains swirls and mounds with occasional peaks of blue. I think that is the sky...

I have been working on taking a series of photographs of the valley, which is between myself and the Olympic mountain range. I have only recently begun, so only have a few of the photos. I thought was a through the year set of photos. I was able to get one the other day with a sunny sky (that blue thing "up" there) and the morning fog in the valley.

My son and I spent some time finding a good shooting location and have marked out our spot so we can take the photos from the same place each time.

I can not believe that your sweet littlest one in gong to be one year old already!! They sure do grow fast don't they?? Enjoy your new home with your sweet little girls and your devoted husband.

Blessings, ~Mrs. R

Anonymous said...

That's amazing! I wonder how long it would take to hike to the horizon! (if it's not too hot!) -Jackie P

Anonymous said...

wow beautiful!...very different from what you would find around here in Michigan-US. But it sure is pretty!

I enjoy reading your blog on occassion Anna :) I have checked in here for a couple years. :) Hope you are doing well today! God Bless.

Randolph Coleson said...

It's a wonderful view of your new home. The best part about it is the terrain, as it's such a lovely sight! All in all, it seems like you guys live in such a peaceful and beautiful place, ideal for a home sweet home.