Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On a cool autumn night

 My husband gathered some spare bricks from around the house, and built a small outside fireplace, which makes a rather interesting addition to our yard, I think. It was delightful for us to sit by it on one of the first cool autumn nights.
I don't know how clearly you can see this without enlarging the photo, but the fireplace was turned into a cookfire by the simple act of placing the front part of an old electric fan over protruding bricks. Over this, while keeping the fire very low, we baked pita bread and cooked eggplants for roast eggplant dip. Then, after extinguishing the fire, we placed some potatoes in the hot ashes, and they were just ready at breakfast - well-roast and warm. It was just the perfect feel of camping, only without the cost of travel! :o)

And of course, we were careful all the while about any sparks that might fly over to the front porch.


Rachel said...

That. Is. Awesome.
It's also awesome that you know how to make bread over a fire....well to me anyway =D

Rebecca said...

Awww, that is wonderful! Your husband is a genius! I wish I was married and had a husband like that. I love it when men are into crafts. You have been truly blessed!

anniec said...

Sukkot sounds like a lovely celebration. Were your mother and grandmother there? :D