Thursday, November 17, 2011

A 10%-off coupon at Princess Modest Swimeaar

Princess Modest Swimwear is a website I only got acquainted with recently, when their representative contacted me and offered a 10% discount for my readers. The brand is Israeli but ships worldwide, and I'm always in favor  of supporting Israeli businesses. To activate the discount, simply type 20010 as coupon code when ordering. PS: the coupon is valid until December 31, 2011.  

Now, personally I'm not sure I would feel comfortable swimming at a mixed beach or swimming pool even fully dressed, because even modest swimsuits are bound to cling a lot when they are wet, and at women-only beaches or pools I'm OK with wearing a simple one-piece swimsuit and my husband's swimming shorts. But modest bathing suits such as these have the additional bonus of sun protection, which is important in Israel. I would also wear something like this, I think, if I had a private swimming pool in my garden.

Anyway, it looks a lot better than what you can find in most standard stores. 


Kate said...

Hmmm.....we don't have the option of gender segregated swimming facilities in th USA, at least that I know of. That would be nice!!! It would be nice to go for a swim and not have teen boys and men jumping, splashing and showing off or girls and women prancing about for the men.

Anonymous said...

There are different degrees of modesty and modest apparel. I swim for exercise and I promise no one is ogling anyone; we're there to work out. Still, I do understand that many people have pretty deep convictions about modesty and covering hair and stuff and I've seen a lot of people find ways to make it work - including covering the head and neck.

As for splashing around - count me in! ha ha :)

- Sally

MarkyMark said...

I clicked the link, and I checked out their latest collection. To me, those modest swimsuits look like a modern interpretation of what was worn here in America back in the late 19th-early 20th centuries.

Having said that, I think it's best to have single sex swim areas, especially for religious people such as Orthodox Jews or Fundamentalist Christians. Why? Well, because even the most Godly young man will have a time thinking holy thoughts when he sees girls around him wearing swimsuits of any kind, because they'll cling when wet. This is doubly true for the more modern, more revealing swimsuits that are available today...

Princess Modest Swimwear said...

"Princess Modest Swimwear" would like to thank you and your readers for recommending us. We are extending the 10% discount to friends and bloggers from "Domestic Felicity" for another month, until Feb. 18, 2012. Just print in the coupon code: FELICITY at check out when you purchase a swimsuit from

I also wanted to mention that the great thing about our suits is that they do not cling even when they are wet(except for about one second when you first get out of the water). After that, you dry them off with a towel, as usual when getting out of the water, pull the suit away from you, and they stop clinging. They also dry really quickly.