Thursday, November 10, 2011

Backpack or suitcase?

Following thoughts from my recent post, the principle of simplifying often comes to whether you are walking through life with a backpack, or dragging a large suitcase along. 

The wheeled suitcase looks more fashionable, it is bigger and you can fit a lot more into it, which will allow you to travel with a higher degree of comfort. But with a backpack, you will stay light on your feet, you will probably be able to walk further and visit places you will hardly reach if you have a suitcase in tow. Even more importantly, it will leave both your hands free to reach out to those close to you. 

Now, if you decide to travel with a backpack, you will have to settle for the bare necessities, because not much more will fit in. You will have to decide what is truly important, and what isn't. The good news is, when you are having fun most likely you will forget about other things you could have had, anyway.

There might be bumps along the road, of course. Sometimes you will realize that your backpack is about to rip from all the things you are trying to cram into it, while in reality some true necessities are missing. Then you will have to sit down, re-evaluate and... re-pack. 

What truly matters is the uniqueness of each individual journey. Yours, mine, your family's, your children's. Each person is a fascinating world, the depth of which you can perhaps never quite reach. We are all so unique in purpose and destination that no one can tell you what you must pack in your backpack, or even what you can pack, although many people will have many things in common. 

And so, some of us will be sweating through our shirts or freezing in the high winds while climbing a steep mountain, while others will be enjoying a leisurely journey along a green river's bank. There is no telling which way is right, which is better, because our purpose always remains the same, and we don't know whether we have reached it until we have walked all the way till the end. 


Leah Brand-Burks said...

Beautifully said, friend.

THE Princess Bombshell* said...

That was awesome.

How did you come to that analogy? I love it. I'm going to pass that post along.

Thank you, Anna.

Rachel said...

Made my day =)