Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rain, rain, come again

I'm typing this as the rain is drumming away on the tin roof and against the windows, creating one of the cosiest sounds in the world. It's warm and dry inside, and though the electricity goes off once in a while, it doesn't bother me - it's simply a good reason to light some candles!

Now, if you had to group the entire human race into "sunny" people and "rainy" people, "summer" people and "winter" people, I'm definitely for summer and sun. Which is why it's very fortunate that I live in Israel! However, because winter is so brief here, and rain so scarce and precious, it makes for a very welcome change, and every rainy day is thoroughly relished.

I usually try to give the children as much outdoor time as possible, which I believe is most wholesome for them - not to mention that it's such a relief for a tired Mom to just sit back, relax, and watch her children's happy play in the sand box, without having to worry about them demolishing the house. Rainy days, however, call for more time indoors, and can you think of spending a day inside without a creative outlet? So give us paper, crayons, watercolors, glitter glue, beads - we love it all. Or how about some playdough, or experimenting with real dough (with tasty results to show afterwards, and a house smelling sweetly of baking)?

Steaming mugs of hot tea or cocoa. "Valse Triste" by Jean Sibelius on the CD player. Curling up on the couch under a warm soft blanket. Reading stories. Laundry drying inside on the folding rack (not my favorite bit, but it happens inevitably every winter). Some crafts, some cooking, some dawdling about. Time passes in a luxuriously slow way, and what I want more than anything to is grab it and make it go even slower.

In the house where we live now we have a wide front porch which is sheltered from the rain, so we can go out and inhale the clean, moist, fresh scent of it, and watch the drops falling all around us without actually getting wet - what a delightful treat for the children. There is no greater delight for me than to be one of them - their mother, the one responsible for all their basic needs, yes, but also their friend, another child who loves what they love and enjoys what they enjoy, and who lives a full, rich life looking through their eyes.

I know some of my friends far away have already had some snow - in some parts of the world it will last until May. Other friends, in the southern hemisphere, are welcoming spring. All seasons are beautiful, in a year as well as in life. May we enjoy them all and savor every moment that is all the more precious because we know it will never come again.


Mrs. T


Mrs. H said...

What a beautiful essay on the joys of the simple life. Thank you!

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Elena said...

It´s funny: it´s been raining in Spain today, as well. The perfect weather for a good book and a cup of tea. My mother doesn´t like having laundry drying inside the house, either, but I love the smell of clean clothes in the living room.

I´m happy to hear you had a calm, nice day.

Rose said...

Anna I think we experience somewhat similar climates. It's very pleasant to think of you cosy inside when it's raining, while here we are having a cool-ish spring although high temperatures are forecast for this weekend. So glad the girls get outdoors time, I agree that it's very wholesome and good for them.

The Gentle Mom said...

Just wondering, do you get much snow in Israel?

Cate said...

Some of my favorite memories as a child were the rare occasions my mom would let us play in the summer rain. We'd put on our bathing suits and run around like crazy, play ball, or make up pretend stories to act out together. It will be fun when your girls are old enough to play (possibly with you??) in the warm rain! Loved this post!