Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter woollies

OK, so they aren't exactly shapely. They didn't even, strictly speaking, come out identical. But they were very quick and easy to make, and are pleasantly warm on little feet, which makes for a satisfying cold-weather project.


Sheila said...

How cute! I made of lot of these for myself and family over the years. They're so comfortable and always welcome as a gift. Thanks for reminding me. I have to start knitting!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Sheila, these are actually crocheted. I haven't yet learned to knit anything but scarves. :p

Goldnrod said...

Good memories! It reminds me of my grandmother who made us a lot of things, including slippers.

We didn't appreciate them as we should have, but now I treasure the few things I have left that she made for me.