Monday, December 26, 2011

A Chanukkah update

 It has been a while since I've uploaded photos, so here you go: above - a couple of the peacocks that live at a campus where my husband is currently taking a course.
 A beautiful bright moon, high in a clear night sky. We took advantage of one such beautiful night to have a fire outdoors and roast our meal on it, then bake foil-wrapped potatoes in the hot ashes; a treat for the whole family.
 The stretch of narrow winding road that takes us home.
 Moussaka, in its kosher version of course. Simply delicious sliced, baked eggplants, layered with ground beef mixed with egg and tomato sauce. A new dish I had the pleasure to try for last Shabbat.
Our Chanukkah candles; both olive oil and wax. The bits of melted colorful wax will be of course collected to be used in the next candle-making session! You can also catch a glimpse of the reflection of lights in the dark window, and the tomatoes ripening on the windowsill.

I have had something on my mind, following my last post, on which I feel I ought to comment now. Bethany asked me whether we always plan to live as frugally as we do now; and I think I really need to clarify, that, if we always live as we do now, I would consider us very lucky indeed!! In some areas some would perhaps think we are "deprived", but in all essentials, I really am of the opinion that we are living in luxury. Luxury of space - a beautiful, and beautifully planned, cozy and roomy home where we can have fun living together as a family, and the vast space of delightful nature all around us; luxury of time, to be there for my family, and time to develop myself as a creative person; luxury of occupation, doing just what I was meant to do, and finding immense joy in it.

I will go offline now; we've been feeling a bit under the weather these past days, so I think chicken soup is in order, and some tasty surprise for today's dinner (right after lighting the seventh Chanukkah candle). I hope all my readers are enjoying a pleasant holiday season!


Mrs. T


Analytical Adam said...

At least you can admit that. There are those that don't go on vacation but still have little money and there is nothing really holy about being frugal anyway. In fact it is better to help create a better economy for everyone then living frugal which a bad economy will hurt some anyway who still don't go on vacations.

And I do think men (including have to take on a more public role) which may be hard for him as many men are talk politically and for themselves it is better just to help women but by doing so many men have no where to turn and to help them privately is not enough.

I have the very sad situation now that I would like to come to Israel and most of the men I can't even contact and sad to say at this point none of my relative have got back to me. None of this really surprises me but most so called religious men don't want to take on a public role. My whole family is Orthodox and this is what goes on.

This idea that a man was created to just work so the women could have it easy and be the more public role is actually reversing the roles in my opinion and by doing this it hurts many other men. I don't think it is pleasing to God either to be honest with you. But anyway. I was thinking of coming in January but because no one in my family has responded to me (don't even respond) I will have to try again in April .Hope I am wrong but it has been 5 days. Most of the people I contacted were women because there were no men to contact. And then if I got upset I don't like women but what who I am suppose to get upset at when the men aren't even there. I see this in organized religion over and over again and it is terrible. And sadly it is because the religious don't want men to care about anything outside themselves and their immediate family because they may start questioning things if they did and saw it doesn't fit the propaganda they were taught. Same with this terrible on my feelings, my modesty, my this, my that, my living frugally which when you read the bible the focus is more outwardly focused. It is politics and not God's way for a man to make a living by ignoring other men. I will read responses here as I didn't prior post that I forget where I posted.

Sjondi said...

Thank you so much for posting the beautiful photos! Isn't it funny how some of the candles burn faster than the other ones for no apparent reason :)

Happy Khanukkah!

lisa said...

Mrs. T,
Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos - especially the one of the gorgeous countryside. :)
Many blessings,

Avigayil said...

You mentioned a reader named Bethany. For a minute I thought you meant me. That's my given (English) name!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Avigayil, I know it's your given name, but I don't think I could have thought of you as "Bethany"; You are Avigayil to me. :-)

Lady Anne said...

Beautiful photos! Peacocks are so pretty, but BOY! are they noisy. And swans are pretty, but THERE's an example of beauty only being skin deep. Nasty critters.

How do you make your moussaka? We don't eat meat, so I use 2/3 cooked brown rice and 1/3 lentils, and layer it with my eggplant. Sometimes I'll cut off the skin fairly thickly and use it to line a greased metal bowl, then chop up the rest of the eggplant and mix it with the rice and lentils, and pack it into the bowl. Put a heavy plate on top and bake it, then turn out and top with either a cream sauce or tomato sauce, depending upon what else you're fixing.