Thursday, January 26, 2012

A 10%-off coupon at Princess Modest Swimwear

Just a short note to let my readers know that Princess Modest Swimwear is once again giving a discount coupon of 10%, which will be available until the end of February. The code is FELICITY.

Wishing everyone a good Shabbat!


Anonymous said...

"Sometimes even we get overly concentrated on how our bodies look, and neglect what is really happening with ourselves"

This line from their website really bothered me. Sometimes it seems that people who advocate modest dressing are more obsessed with physical appearance than the women who follow fashion and dress immodestly.


Mrs. Anna T said...

Miriam, I admit I did not make myself acquainted with all the text on their site, but mostly with the products themselves.

Analytical Adam said...

The "name" speaks for itself. Princess Modesty. Calling yourself a "Princess" is not Modesty.

The whole focus of labeling dress "modest" is in itself immodest and saying a woman is mostly based on her dress not on the inside which in itself creates vibes that offend others if in your mind you think you are so modest and everyone should see that.

It could be called "classy dress'. But "modest dress" it is a misuse and hijacking a word.

While a woman should dress properly it is still a "small percent' of learning about another person. Someone who doesn't dress with your clothes that you label "modest" may still be a very good person which you get to know them and look beyond WHAT THEY WEAR. Which is the other problem. By labeling their clothes "modest" you are saying that other clothes by default are "immodest". What is wrong with using a term classy or something that suggest it is appropriate.

It is funny that we want me to judge a woman just based on wearing certain clothes and if not we ignore her as not part of "our group" which is very immodest and shows only faith in man not God. If so called religious Jews always have to wear something to show they are part of a certain group they will never convice anyone of anything because people think they use numbers to make up what they don't have in facts. Group think just creates in group and out groups and causes more polarization I am sorry to say.

YOU should write an article that we shouldn't label clothes "modest". Classy, yes. Modest, no! Being modest can't be practiced because that is not REAL MODESTY. And people see that and it creates an endless cycle.

All the torah says is a woman shouldn't be a harlot. It is a negative command. They shouldn't dress like one. But they are not fulfilling any positive command and being a good person requires matters of the heart and learning about others who may be different then you but also are not a harlot either.