Monday, January 30, 2012

Cold and rainy out, warm and snug in

Above: the chickens, a bit damp and bedraggled, but still happy to be outside after a bout of rain.

I'm happiest when the sun is shining, which is why it's lucky I live in Israel. Rain puts me in an almost sleepy mood, almost as if I'm hardly aware of the time passing by. Still, there's a certain magic to rainy days; knowing I don't have to go out, I can concentrate on what needs/can be done inside. 

Oh, and it's also cold. It doesn't get cold cold in Israel, you'll point out. But precisely because our winters are so short, it would be a waste to have central heating in the houses, so the when it's cold outside, it's cold inside. I'm currently wearing a thick pair of pants, a denim skirt, two pairs of socks (one of them thick), and two sweaters, one of them knitted for me by Rose the previous winter. And my feet still feel cold. I can hardly wash the dishes if the water hadn't been pre-heated earlier.

In addition, now we've moved Out to the Hills, I've discovered the true meaning of windy. All I had experienced before, I've found out, is a breeze. When you go out to feed the chickens and get blown off course, now, that's windy. When you can't let your kid join you in the yard for fear she'll be picked up by a gust of wind and carried away, that's windy. And if I hadn't known this house has already withstood a couple of windy seasons, I would be worrying myself silly every night, wondering whether I won't wake up in the morning with the roof gone. 

If you shovel the snow every morning, go ahead and laugh at me. If you have decent heating and can still feel your toes, count yourself lucky. I, in the meantime, will go and look for another pair of socks.


Rose said...

This year I think your winter might be over before I finish knitting for the girls! Glad the cardigan is keeping you warm.

Rachel said...

We live on top of a "mountain" in Arkansas where it gets very windy also. Once when I was a little girl, the wind blew so hard it blew over a giant metal feed silo into the yard =D

Leah Brand-Burks said...

So funny! I live in a moderate climate, where the winters are considered mild. But if it snows or gets below 40 degrees F, I complain about how cold it is! Have a cup of hot tea, that usually does the trick! :-D

Kari said...

I've been reading for a while but haven't commented before. I have poor circulation in my feet and live in Minnesota in the USA. Middle of the country and share a border with Canada. We get cold weather. We have hardwood floors, not carpet, and I've found that it is important to have a hard sole between my feet and the floor. If you are able to wear shoes or slippers with a hard sole, it makes such a huge difference. I've found even sandals with bare feet help keep those toes warm. Praying that you warm up quick!

Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds very cold. Do not let anyone fool you, weather is completely relative. I move from the Northern part of Michigan where winter snow starts in October and ends in May. Negative temps,now I am in Tennessee the 50 degrees feel just as cold. The wind here is three times what it was in Michgian. Freezing feet are freezing feet!;)

Johanna said...

Dear Anna,
I'll suggest layers and more layers... and wool. Do you have woollen underwear in Israel? I think some food have warming effects too, chili and curry etc? And when using computer, wear your fingerless gloves or wrist warmers if you have ones.
I have low blood pressure so I am cold in every season :-D I wear woollen socks all the time, even at night!