Monday, March 26, 2012

Island of peace

I long for an enchanted island,
An island of peace.
A place without cares and sorrows,
A place to hear birds chirping in the morning.

I long to be a tranquil island,
An island of peace.
My smile a refuge, my arms a haven
For all my loved ones.

Will I ever be such a treasure island,
An island of peace?
Devoid of anger, of hurt and sorrow,
A sweet spirit?

I  battle for this dreamaway island,
An island of peace,
And the harder I battle, the farther it seems,
Yet there is no choice
But to travel on
Down the road of peace.

The beautiful picture above is Island of Peace, by Leonid Afremov. I was unsurprised to find out the author is Jewish and had lived in Israel for many years.


Joluise said...

I think if you found this tranquil island it would become quite crowded as this is what we all would like!! So when you find it, keep it secret :)

Marcia said...

I have my own island I long for too. I wrote about it and titled the post, The Island of Silence at:

It's all connected to peace. Oh, how I love peace. Hoping you encounter some more of it down your path.
Thank you for sharing.