Thursday, March 1, 2012

More random kitchen tips

Muffins - if muffins are stuck in the tin, place tin on a folded damp and wet kitchen towel. After a couple of minutes, the muffins will slide out easier.

Eggs - to separate white from yolks easily, break egg into funnel, and let the white slide down. The yolk will remain inside.

Opening a jar with a stubborn lid - to prevent your hand from slipping, wear a latex glove.

Ants - if you want to keep ants out of your sugar container, place some cloves inside. Ants don't like cloves.

Too much salt - if you added too much salt to a pot of soup, put in a halved potato and let cook a bit more, and it will absorb the excess salt.

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Joluise said...

These are excellent - I didn't know about the ants and we often get them outside in hot summery days.