Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simone France product review

When I was contacted by Simone France and offered to sample their skin care products, I immediately thought, what a great idea; it would, I hoped, be something to prompt me to take regular and thorough care of my skin. I am a bit ashamed to admit this, but some mornings, I can hardly find time for a splash of cold water on my face before I have to run out of the room and prevent two creative toddlers from committing mischief. However, in our climate, and with the fact that many of my household chores take place outside (hanging the washing, tending to the chickens, sweeping the deck, etc), I really do believe I should consider it a necessity to provide adequate care and especially sun protection for the skin. 

So, anyway, the sample kit I received included a moisturizer, a bar of soap, scrub, milk, toner and a package of disposable cleansing cloths (a patent I have been hitherto unfamiliar with), all of which comprised a daily routine of skin cleansing and moisturizing. I have been using them for a week now and can easily see, and feel improvement in my comlexion and the texture of my skin. 

They have also a weekly skin care routine, but I cannot voice my opinion about that one, as it was not included in my sample kit.

One thing I do have to add is that the French Formula moisturizer is great as a night cream, but I have found it a bit too heavy to use as a day cream, so I am now using a light moisturizer by Dr. Fischer with UV protection, which is especially good for Israeli climate.


Joluise said...

Your climate is harsh like ours in Australia, I need to wear conditioners and sun protection lotions otherwise my skin gets damaged by the sun. Skin cancer is a big problem here, is it in Israel? We have programmes in schools about the importances of wearing a hat out doors.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Joluise, yes, it does sound like our climate has many similarities (hot, burning son, a long rainless season, etc). Skin cancer is a big problem here as well.

Little Bits and Pieces said...

I have found your blog through another that I follow. While there is much I disagree with I of course acknowledge your right to your beliefs and thoughts. I would like to follow your blog as it has many interesting ideas and talks about your life in Israel. I live in Australia but was born in England 70 years ago. I wish you well.