Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring snapshots

 My husband's delicious fish stew, with lots of herbs and hot pepper. 
 Little shoes. 
 And little feet that had only just started walking.
Budding grapes.  
A new chicken coop my husband had built, mostly out of materials he had found. I had meant to take photos of every stage of the process, but shamefully didn't come up to scratch. I have to say I'm really happy we embarked on our chicken adventure. The worth of it is proving far beyond home-grown eggs (though those are delicious and healthy). Two more great advantages of it are, that the children can see and participate in the raising of chickens and collecting eggs, and that we meet many like-minded fowl enthusiasts. Having a coop in your yard also serves as an ice-breaker for new acquaintances. :-)


misskirwan said...

that fish dish looks really good, any chance of a recipe please?
ps; i love your blog, have learned a lot about Jewish way of life and other interesting stuff. hope you keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Precious little feet! I love baby feet!

Anonymous said...

I think you are very lucky with your husband. He can cook, he can build things, he is creative, he is encouraging, wow! I hope you realize that you are very blessed! I always love to read your blog, I will never stop being amazed how you can write so calm and peacefully in the midst of Israel, which is on the news dayly. It really is an inspiration for me who lacks a quiet spirit.