Monday, May 21, 2012

As the days fly away

I'm back home and online, after a long and packed Shabbat away, and a busy Sunday in which to catch up on everything; and I must say, taking everything into account - the lateness of Shabbat hours during the summer, the post-Shabbat nighttime travels, packing bags, cranky children who are well past their usual bedtime - I definitely prefer to spend weekends at home, at least during the summer months. 

Yesterday, as our busy day was drawing to a close, my husband suggested that we pack up our dinner as picnic fare and head out to one of the parks a short drive from our home. An airing at a lovely place was just what you need when you have done a lot of work in your home, yet it is still messy and you know there's no chance you'll clear it all up before bedtime! 
 There was this cute little bridge and artificial pond with water plants. The girls had fun crossing the bridge over and over again, and we took some pictures. It is always fun to make much out of little. :o)
Then we came across this tree. Perhaps you can't tell very clearly from the photo, but it has a bent trunk - something brought it down to the ground, but it still lived, and regained its upward direction of growth. I saw a truly symbolic message in it - even when circumstances bring us down, there is still hope for renewal, growth, and beauty.

This afternoon, the girls and I made my husband's birthday cake - as some of you may remember, his birthday is on Shavuot, which is going to take place next Sunday. Naturally, with two little helpers in the kitchen it was fun, fun, fun! They cracked eggs, mixed, stirred, and of course sampled. :o) The cake is now safely kept away in the freezer until the Big Day. I'm looking forward to us all enjoying it as a family, with perhaps some friends for company. 

Recently I've been feeling as though I'm floating downstream a large, powerful current, with so many things slipping by that I simply have no time or energy to do, or even to properly think of. I know many women in my stage of life, with young children at home and various circumstances keeping them busy, feel the same way. I'm doing my best to live simply and slowly, because truly I feel it is the only option for me to go through these years, not only with my sanity intact, but also treasuring the time I have as something precious, yet still having enough of it for what is really important (although there are occassions when I feel I have absolutely no time for anything). 

It's very late, and I feel that I'm being carried on to an endless ramble even as my eyes are beginning to droop! I'd better close this off now, and leave you with my sincere wishes of updating again soon, and hearing from you all.

Your friend,

Mrs. T

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