Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hand crafts

There are so many hand crafts I'm itching to try; for now, time forces me to be content with crocheting, some very basic knitting, and occassional candle-making, but I can always hope I will have more leisure in the future, right? :-) I'm also doing some very simple beading now, with Shira, which we both greatly enjoy.

Here are some other hobbies I would love to acquire:

Sewing - making my own clothes, clothes for my family, and decorative pieces is a dream! Endless possibilities. This website is by a Jewish lady who makes lovely items, and also gives sewing classes.

Quilting - such a cozy hobby and makes for great gifts.

Bead embroidery - so impressive!

Pottery - my husband and I once fell in love with a house of a relative, which was filled with unique, handmade pottery items. It created a magical atmosphere.

And perhaps most of all I would love to perfect my knitting. It really is a pity that I did not learn to knit very well while I still lived with my mother and grandmother, who are both very good knitters (although now somewhat out of practice). But... I will be waiting for a chance to present itself, then seize it!


Rose said...

The time will come for you Anna.

In the meantime, to improve your knitting, try practising with dishcloths and washcloths, small items that you can pick up and put down as the girls need you. The more you knit the better the tension will be become and practicing the same pattern several times will give you the confidence to relax and knit smoothly.

Kate said...

What crafts do you do with your daughters? Do you paint, crayon, do art projects with them, etc.?

Lady Anne said...

I would love to learn to knit or crochet. I never learned as a child - I'm 70 now - and left-handed, to boot, so it's really pretty hopeless. I can smock to beat the band, do counted cross stitch, sit on a cushion and sew a fine seam, but knitting - pft!

I have a friend who is a thalidimide victim, and she can knit, so I feel really, really foolish saying I can't learn, but if you could see what I turn out...

Caroline said...

I recently found out my husband and I are going to be blessed with your first child and the timing (God's timing is always perfect) coincidentally corresponded with my taking up crochet. So I'm honing my crochet skills making things for the little one and it's keeping me so busy! And very happily focused on the little bundle to come.

Crafts are such a great way to express our love for eachother in making things both beautiful and useful for the souls in our life.

Good luck in your crafting endeavors!

Sew Sabina said...

Thank you for puting a link to my site on your blog. Since we last 'spoke', my 5 year old son asked me to teach him sewing. So I gave him his first sewing lesson. He had fantastic control of the pedal and managed to stop, start and reverse at exactly the right time. I guess he's got the touch.