Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just some thoughts on this and that

Recently, I began to think that I should probably update my header photo. As much as I love it, and a truly beautiful caption I think it is, I am no longer a young bride, but a mother of two (beautiful and wonderful) girls. I thought perhaps to replace it with a photo, or a collage of photos, that would better represent my day-to-day life at home and with my family. 

This led me to thinking about life, and how it changes and transforms. When I began to write on this blog, I was a young and energetic girl, living a very full and busy life, seeking truths and pondering about the role of family, society, femininity, women, feminism, and so on and so forth... I expressed opinions, hosted heated debates, and  (busy as I was with studies, work, etc) miraculously functioned through lack of sleep the likes of which I had not experienced even later, in my new-motherhood days. 

Fast forward a couple of years... I got married (much sooner than I thought), had a baby, then another... and now, just as though Someone smiled at me and said, "let's see how you live out your dreams", I am placed in a little house in the middle of nowhere, with a rain-collecting and water-recycling system, a herb garden, and chickens in the yard. 

And so, naturally my focus has shifted primarily towards living a simple, satisfying life with my family, learning how to be the best mother I possibly can, and keeping my Crocs well away from chicken poo. Sometimes I get these panic attacks, fearing that time is slipping by and "nothing is done", but then I realize that this seemingly-nothing is actually the great gift of slowing down... I'm now at a stage of life when pace should be slow and outward commitments kept to a bare minimum. 

Some would say it's boring. I'm loving it. :o)

And what of the header photo?.. Oh, when I spoke of it to my husband, he was really disappointed. "What! Take off this lovely picture, which captures the very basic essence of building a Jewish home!" - and so I obligingly left it unchanged. Some things, after all, had better not change. 


Ellie Rae said...

Please don't take off the header photo! It is so meaningful. I can see why your husband would want you to keep it up. It says so much. One picture is worth a thousand words!

Tammy said...

I love your header! Def sums up all the thoughts I have of the title. It just fits!

Raisin4Cookies said...

I am not Jewish, and I don't know very much about your religion, but I adore that picture.

God*n*Me3 said...

i love your header photo but you could make a few postings with various pictures of your day to day life and musing as a mother and wife and living life simply. :) id love to see more pictures on your wonderful blog.

Rose said...

I have a suggestion for your header photo that might suit you both: make that one the centre and newer ones a spin off like numbers on a clock.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Rose, that's a great idea! I should suggest this to my husband, he's really into graphic design and has an eye for that sort of thing!

Dawn said...

I too have been thinking how quickly time passes and how life changes.
Next month my husband and I will be married 11 years. We thought we'd have a house full of children by now and yet, we're still child less. But we aren't the same young, clueless 19 (me) and 22(hubby) years olds that we were back in June of 2001. We've grown, we've changed, we've matured.
Life is all about change. It might come in slow small steps or might hit us all at once, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Glad you kept the header picture up. :)

Leah Brand-Burks said...

Lovely! The thoughts and the photo. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am inspired by the way you embrace life and appreciate all that it brings you.

We share many similar values; I know that despite a tremendous difference in our ages, we could be good friends.

Charleston, South Carolina USA

Mrs. B said...

I really like the idea that Rose suggested.