Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Learning for eternity

Today, Shira (3 years old) asked me, "Who made G-d?"; I explained that G-d was not made, that He had existed, and will exist, for all eternity, no matter how far back or forward we look; that He is bigger than anything we can imagine, and that He made us all, and knows us better than we can ever hope to know ourselves. 

The profound depth of children's spontaneous questions, coming straight from their keen, sharp, probing minds, never ceases to amaze me. The matters of eternity, infinity and creation are awe-inspiring at the age of three, and just as much or more at the age of forty-three. 

We do not do any "official" lessons yet, but as we are discovering, children can learn much by simply being involved in everyday life, side by side with their parents - including what is usually delivered in the form of lessons ("We collected four eggs from our hens and cooked them. You, me and Tehilla ate one each. How many are left for Abba?"). Shira is now at such an age when questions spring up about anything and everything; I have heard parents describe this stage as wearying, but I have been very much looking forward to it and find it very stimulating. Perhaps I will feel somewhat differently before we are done, but I hope not *smile*. 

We are having another lovely day here, with all the usual things to do - bed-making, dish-washing, laundry, tending to the animals, clearing out some weeds in the yard, and a million odd things here and there. Something simple will soon be cooking for dinner, and we are looking forward to a pre-evening routine relaxing time outside, to just sit around with a cup of tea and wonder about the world. 

I am going to fly off to do afternoon chores now, and hope to post again, and visit all your lovely blogs soon.

Your friend,

Mrs. T

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Sheri said...

Oh Anna, I think you will LOVE this stage! I always have! Yes, it takes "time," like all seasons, but it's beautiful to watch their little minds and hearts in action. They simply love to learn and hear about their Creator, too!!! *Hugs*