Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Organizational homemaking

A reader emailed me and expressed interest in some old posts of mine, about home-management binders, and also asked how my organizational system has evolved over the years. I decided to take up the challenge and give a short explanation. :-)

When I first began to think about homemaking as something that requires thought and organization, I took up a thick, hardcover ring binder and filled it up with charts, timelines, lists, recipes and other odd things. But later it turned out that I need something more handy, something to which I could always throw a quick glance and know where I'm standing.

Some time ago my husband bought me an erase board and I fell in love with it - it's so convenient. I keep it in the kitchen, and use it to write down the running shopping list, my weekly cooking plan, various short-term goals, etc. My husband also uses it to write down some things he wants to remind me to do. When those are done, I simply erase them. 

I still have a notebook for long-term plans, and my recipe notebook of course. I also have a weekly planner in which I keep all of our appointments, etc. But nothing beats my little erase board for things I can't afford to forget! Because it's in front of my eyes all the time, there is no chance I might forget to look in it. Also, it's very conveniently located in the kitchen, where I spend a large chunk of my time. The only problem is that sometimes I run out of space. I often joke that I need a wall-sized erase board. :-)

There are some very cute, inexpensive erase boards for sale, but here is a guide to making one yourself. Isn't it lovely?

I would love to hear some of your ideas for organizing your schedule and to-do lists! 


Rose said...

What a great idea! I actually write on my freezer with an erasable marker, I note what's on each shelf and how many servings there are. When I take something out I wipe it off the list.

I use Google calendar for reminders and appointments and a printed list for home and shop tasks day by day.

If you need to extend your board, what about putting blackboard paint on a part of your kitchen wall? Well above the girls' reach of course, although perhaps they could have a little section elsewhere in the house?

Lola said...

Have you seen the dry erase paint? In some of the conference rooms at one of our offices, they have whole walls painted with this, it's very cool. In other rooms, they have covered the wall with large sheets of plexiglass that you can write on and erase (then you could paint or wallpaper any color you like behind it).