Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Around here...

 Chicken walking and clucking all over the yard... new chicks being allowed to scamper outside (under supervision).
 The last golden rays of sunlight hitting these rocks... so lovely. 
Ancient ruins and new houses, side by side. 

Summer goes on, with all its usual attributes:
Trying to think of more dishes that require no to minimum cooking time, to prevent the already overheated house from becoming even hotter.
Laundry drying in a flash outside.
Making lemonade and fruit popsicles.
Enjoying juicy summer bounty - melons, watermelons, grapes. 
Trips to the lovely surrounding playgrounds, to the beach... bedtime consequently getting moved to a little later, so we can all enjoy the later and pleasanter hours of the day. 
Summer is my favorite season... which is why I'm so lucky to be living here, have I mentioned?! We get at least 6 months of summer, and another couple that could very well pass for summer. :-)


Katie B. of said...

What a beautiful juxtaposition of the ruins and new homes. I can understand why you love living there. The sense of history and place must be amazing!

Lady Anne said...

I always wonder, when I see ancient ruins - or even a "new" old house that's falling into itself - who lived there? What dreams did they have? What sort of life did they lead?