Thursday, June 14, 2012

Small surprises

From biggest to smallest: store-bought XL egg; one of our mature chickens' eggs; an egg produced by our little hen, who only started laying last week. 
 Two lovely oil burners bought by my husband. I especially like the one shaped like an old-fashioned stove, with a teapot on top. 
Beautiful stones found around here on one of my solitary rambles with the dog. 


Sjondi said...

Crazy to think of what they add to the store-bought chicken's feed to make them so large!

Axelle said...

lovely stuff !

Mrs.Rabe said...


Thank you for is fun to see bits of someones life - on the other side of the world!

Those stones are beautiful, and I like your oil burners too!


Lady Anne said...

I took me a moment to "get" the eggs. Because your first language is Hebrew, you started on the right with the largest egg, while the rest of us would start on the left. Just one of those quirky cultural differences.

Now, what you need is a duck! Their eggs are so large I only used one when a recipe called for two. And they make great "watch dogs". When our girls were dating, especially if it was a fellow they'd been seeing for a while, our dog would just ignore the car, but Sam and Gerty would come running, no matter what hour it was, to either welcome them home or try to chase away the car. It was a perfect way to get them home before curfew!

And I agree - the little stove and teapot is my favorite, too.

Katie B. of said...

The oil burners truly are wonderful. The one with the teapot is so cute, and so clever!

I wonder what kind of stones those are?

And I agree with Sjondi: it's scary to think what kind of hormones they're pumping into chickens to have them lay such enormous eggs!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Re: size of eggs, we've got to be fair and remember it also depends on the breed of the chicken, as well as her age. Some breeds simply lay larger eggs, other smaller ones, and a chicken who started laying is supposed to produce larger eggs after her first molt, according to what I've read. Naturally in the egg industry they will choose the breeds that produce large eggs, and in abundance.