Sunday, July 22, 2012

You, me and a cup of herb tea

After a weekend full of guests and mess-making, the next day always means a lot of busy-ness: the washing machine steadily hums away with load after load of laundry; beds are being changed, leftovers utilised, dishes washed, trash cans emptied, and on and on... and our usual midday break is especially welcome!
It's lovely to go out into the garden...
 ... and pick some herbs for tea.
 On the way, we may get rid of some dry leaves, water a plant or two... 
... or just watch how beautifully the rosemary grows.
If you have a herb garden, go out and brew yourself a cup of lovely fresh tea... if not... well, just any cup of tea is great, too, for your own little break.

I will soon have to jump headlong into afternoon chores, to go over the shopping list, fold the laundry and put it away, feed the animals again, sweep the front porch, give the floors a quick mop... but in the meantime, we can relax in the middle of another full and busy day.

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Miriam said...

Could you please split your rosemary bush and send the other half to me? I would really love to have one :-)