Thursday, August 30, 2012


For a long time, I've wanted some wooden blocks for the girls, but it appears they simply stopped making such, and the only ones to be found are made in the most jarring plastic. In my eyes, few things are as charming as a box of simple old-fashioned wooden blocks.

And well, guess what! A neighbour of ours, who is a carpenter, left us some small scraps from a project he did, which are very neatly cut and serve perfectly as blocks. They have already been used to create houses, buildings, chicken coops (that's practicing for homestead life :o)), trains, railways, etc... arranged in a neat little wicker basket, I think they are just lovely.

Today, I started our routine of breakfast and chores a bit late, which means that the day hence flies in a bit faster pace than I would ideally want, but that's life. Hopefully, now that everything is done we're in for a nice afternoon with tea, a walk, supper, bath time and stories as usual... and to sleep early today, too!

Hoping your day is lovely,

Mrs. T


Kate said...

How neat and how special! They do make simple blocks like that here in the US but they are probably treated with some harmful chemicals... lol. My father-in-law has some very simple wooden blocks that his Dad made for him when he was a young child and they were lovingly stored for many years and now my sweet and precious 2 year old gets to play with them when we visit! It's so neat!

Joluise said...

Both my sons loved their wooden blocks and built all types of structures with them. From wooden blocks they moved onto Leggo and spent years being creative. I prefer thee stores of toys as it makes children think and make their own things.

Jedidja said...

I smile. This is for me recognizable. But I love my life, as it is now.