Monday, August 13, 2012

Busy bees

As usual, there is plenty to do around here. While in homes where children are at school, summer is often a time to set all routines aside, we are just rolling along our merry way - getting up early to tend the animals, make breakfast and get all the morning chores going, so that all outside jobs are done by the time the sun is glaring in the sky.

Yesterday, I worked on fortifying the chicken coop against predators. I also let out our adolescent chicks for free-range - always an experience of some trepidation for me!

 Later, there was onion and chicken wing soup on the stove. I threw in some potato wedges. In the summer, my soup-making usually slows down, but I've missed soups and there's nothing like it for a light and hearty meal.
I discovered a poor little, almost dry eggplant - had no idea we had one in our garden - and was determined not to let it die. Now it's nice and green, and putting out many leaves. You know how much we love eggplants here - looking forward to some bounty soon!

Today we had a nice, relaxing morning. As all chores were out of the way early enough, I could settle in the shade and do some hand-sewing while the girls were busy drawing, splashing in water, getting creative with play-dough and blowing soap bubbles. Shira had only just figured how to do it properly, and was delighted.

Now off for an afternoon which, hopefully, will be busy but slow-enough-going, just as we like it around here. Slowly, the day will progress towards what is probably its best part - dinner, followed by bath time and stories. Then maybe, for me, some more good reading - and off to bed, to get up bright and early the next day again.


Rose said...

Ah, summer time.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love having a good routine, especially when children are young! It helps them and you to keep things going everyday!

Your soup looks good, Anna!