Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy days

When weekend is past, you are suddenly aware of the many, many things that are just waiting to be done...

Laundry to be washed;
Shopping lists to be compiled;
Garden to be taken care of;
Meals to be cooked;
Animals to be fed (well, this is something that always goes on :o);
Stories to be read, amusements offered, baths given;
Bread to be baked and beds to be made;

And time comes for tea break... lovely photo from here.

Afternoon chores: folding laundry, perhaps whipping some tasty treat to be taken along with lunch the next day, feeding the animals again... and a lot of creative play in the meantime.

All the humdrum which might seem odd to make much off, but which eventually adds up to very full and busy days, here on our little homestead.

Which makes sitting down to dinner and getting into bed, at the end of each day, all the more enjoyable.

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Rose said...

As it should be and can be.