Thursday, August 2, 2012

Something really quick

I love to make fancy cakes; to roll out dough and make different fillings and whip cream and make icing, etc etc... but more often than not, my busy mama schedule calls for Something Really Quick. When time is really pressing, these brownies come into the picture.

Tahina brownies

[I do have to make a side note... I love tahina (sesame seed spread). In Israel it's very popular and is used in many different recipes, from salads to dips to sauces, and in baking as well. It deserves a space on every shelf.]

The following makes a small pan. Quantities can be of course doubled, tripled etc, as you desire.

3 eggs
3\4 cup sugar
3\4 cup tahina
1\2 cup cocoa powder (*regarding the last three I'll make a bold confession: I no longer measure quantities. My eye has become trained enough. This saves some cleanup, but at first of course you'd want to use a measuring cup)
1 tbsp. baking powder

That's it. This isn't a mistake, no flour! Into a mixing bowl it all goes, and mix well. You are supposed to get a very gooey mass (or should I say mess? Certainly, if you allow little hands to help!). Pour into paper-lined baking pan and bake for about 20-25 minutes, checking often. You don't want to overdo - the middle is supposed to retain its delicious gooey quality.

Very quick and easy to make if unexpected guests are coming through, and cleanup is a breeze!


Rose said...

I'm printing as we speak. :)

Raisin4Cookies said...

This sounds great! Gooey brownies are the best.

Bethany said...

My family could never get used to the taste of tahini so I started substituting unsweetened peanut butter (which we love) in recipes that call for it. We especially like to make hummus with the peanut butter substitution. I'm excited to try this recipe - my husband loves gooey brownies.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Bethany, I was just about to say that nutritionally, tahina is very much like peanut butter! I often swap between the two as well.

Miriam said...

Did I miss something or do I need new eyeglasses or what... in what temperature you bake the gooey mess? :-)

Shabbath Shalom!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Miriam, I'm always careful in estimation of baking temperature because every oven is different. Approximately medium heat, perhaps start at 180C and tweak it as needed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the recipes -- it look simply scrumptious! :)

Pearl said...

Thank you for this! I hardly ever bake but I made these for the hungry wardrobe team at our community theatre. They didn't look as nice as yours, but they tasted lovely. I really like the hint of sesame that comes through.