Thursday, September 20, 2012

Past Rosh Ha-Shana

Well, Rosh Ha-Shana is over, and we are slowly resurfacing... only to prepare for Shabbat, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. It was the first Rosh-HaShana we spent at home, and we were thoroughly excited about it. We did come down with a rather nasty stomach virus that is still making its way around, but all the more reason to be pleased for staying home - such things are better to deal with on your own territory.

 Here's some of the cooking we did before the holiday. Above: fried fish, made by my husband. Isn't it lovely to have a husband who likes to cook? Below: a pot of Rosh HaShana symbols - special foods representing various blessings for the upcoming year.
This is probably my first and last update for this week, but hopefully, I will be back next week. There are so many things around here just waiting for me to get well and pick up the slack! In the meantime, wishing a wonderful weekend to you all.

Mrs. T


Lea said...

Would you post the recipe for the fish, please? It looks delicious!

Wishing you a quick recovery and a wonderful weekend!

Faith said...

What good looking food!!! And I see Edith Schaeffers book the Hidden Art of homemaking on your shelf, my Mother is reading her book Affliction right now , and I am reading What is a Family. Both are good!!!! Blessings.