Sunday, September 23, 2012

Still down

Just as the stomach bug was over and I thought we were back to normal, I found myself with a high fever and sore throat - and, needless to say, illness isn't a very successful combination with busy holiday times. Still, today I was up and about, doing what little I can in a slow-paced way to avoid getting us buried under piles of unwashed dishes and laundry. I also poked my nose into the yard today, to water the plants and feed the animals.

I used to be so fond of this little chicken, and then, unfortunately, she fell prey to a sneaking fox. You can imagine how thrilled I was when the only chick we managed to get from her turned out to be a female, and looks very much like her mother.

Hopefully, when she reaches maturity we can breed her with our fluffy rooster and produce more cute chickens like that.

I sincerely hope the illness is banished completely by the time Yom Kippur rolls around. Wishing you all a terrific week!

Mrs. T


Thia said...

So sorry you've been sick and hope everyone is back to health soon!

Faith said...

Praying for Comfort for your family in sickness and health to come to you again soon.