Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Sukkot day trip

 On one of the days of Sukkot, we made a day trip to Mount Gerizim. The picture above was taken by my husband on the way there, I'm not quite sure where. Aren't these clouds gorgeous?
 Spectacular mountain view.
 Below: a glorious sunset.
 Part of an ancient building.

Above: view of the Samaritan village. 

I'm glad to be able to say we are feeling better. Also, it's good to be back in our normal routine again. G-d truly knew what He was doing when He set the balance of 6 days of work and 1 day of rest. It really is the perfect balance to keep us happy, busy, and at the same time refreshed. Of course holidays are lovely too, but all the same, once they are over I'm glad to embrace the 6 days of work every week.


Rose said...

Photos 3&5 really say "israel" to me, I guess as a beach or desert says "Australia" to others.

So glad to hear you are all on the mend.

Miriam said...

Oh I know what you mean by your last sentence! ;-)

Lady Anne said...

Archeological sites always intrigue me. Who was the lady who walked through that doorway? What did she see? Did they move away? Were they killed by an invading army? History is so fascinating! And your pictures are lovely. As Rose said, they just say "Israel".