Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pre-winter projects

Dear friends,

After a few days during which our computer didn't work properly, I'm back online. I must say, I find it providential that the computer malfunctions just when I need the time most badly to concentrate on projects which need to be done around here, and which are completed more efficiently without the internet to distract me!

We are experiencing a wave of heat which deceitfully claims that summer still lingers, but I know it for what it is - the spell of oppressive heat that occurs each year just before good long rains, which means that many things need to be done in preparation for winter, such as:

* Order in our closet, and especially in the girls' closet, with winter clothing pulled out and aired. Evaluation of what we have, and what we need to have, to pass comfortably through the colder season (which, although it doesn't as a rule snow here, can get cold - especially for Israel). 

* Yard work. Everything that is outside will be attacked by wind and rain, including the animals, and that needs to be taken into account. Tools which we don't want to get wet have to be properly stored. Below: the beginnings of a new goat house, which will hopefully be a snug and warm shelter for the goats during the winter. 

* Projects are pulled out. Soon, we will spend a great deal of our time inside due to the rain and especially the strong winds that blow here, for days and sometimes for weeks. To keep us from getting restless, as much as possible, we will need a variety of creative pursuits: baking, painting, doing one thing and another with paper and glue, making dolls, etc. I took out my crochet again, and am now working on making a bag for myself.

How are you preparing for the winter? Unless you're in Australia or New Zealand, of course, in which case you are preparing for the summer... either way, you are experiencing a change of seasons, which always brings something new into our lives. 


Lady Anne said...

The Squire has also been working in the yard, getting things finished up for the winter. He and his god-son spent an entire day digging and splitting hosta to plant in the barespots along the drive way (about 500 feet - don't know what that is in meters), then spread topsoil and fresh mulch. We've had a tremendous amoount of acorns this year - it's like walking on marbles! - so we may have a bad winter. Fire wood to cut and stack. Canned goods and staples to stock up i case we get snowed in.

Anonymous said...

Pre-winter projects here include trimming shrubs,cleaning up the garden, helping our married son stack wood, washing the car, and daily picking our pecans as they fall. I am also watching for sales on herbal teas and looking for great soup recipes. Love, love, love this cozy time of year.
Mrs. L.
P.S. I should be so blessed as to have my computer fail for a week or so. :~)