Monday, November 26, 2012

Product review: Kiwi Crate

I received an email from Kiwi Crate and was offered to do a product review, to which I happily agreed. I have never heard of them before, and the idea was intriguing: basically, you receive a box of goodies which contains all the necessities for a couple of nifty projects to do with children. I was sent a Chanukkah box with menorah and dreidel art, complete with instructions.

Illustration photo: taken from website. 

My girls, of course, got really excited about the mysterious box. Shira was particularly enthusiastic about the little carboard boxes the menorah lights came in. She stacked them all very neatly and told me she is building the Temple. True creativity does not read instructions. :o) 

It was really cute. Of course, the big question is, would I buy it? If you are a regular reader of my blog you are probably already guessing that the answer is "no"; I'm all for thinking up your own projects and using stuff you already have in your house (toilet paper rolls, empty bottles, corks), or things you find outside (pinecones, wood, shells, stones), plus some very basic art supplies (paper, paint, glue). 

Having said that, I do think that if you can comfortably afford it, such a project box could be a nice gift, for example, for a frazzled mother who is taking care of a new baby while simultaneously trying to entertain two preschoolers on a rainy day. Or someone who is dealing with illness in the family, or just someone who really wants to do something creative with the children but somehow can't get the juices flowing. 

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Rose said...

What an great idea.