Sunday, November 4, 2012

Under the weather, taking it slow

I don't remember how often I've said this in the past couple of weeks, but we're under the weather again. With fever and runny noses, this day is by necessity not one of those upbeat, high-accomplishment days, but goes at a slower pace, and we're trying to make the most of it, as best we can. It's a hot, breezy day, perfect for doing the washing, so I was able to fold my laundry about two hours after hanging it out. I just took a tray of fresh-made bread out of the oven, to freeze for Shabbat, and popped another tray in. Hopefully, a slow and easy afternoon awaits us. 

And... this goat pen isn't going to win any beauty contests, but hopefully it will serve its purpose. :o) I'm very proud of my husband for having worked on it so hard, and so thankful for kind neighbours who came along to lend a hand. There's still quite a bit of work to be done to make it more sheltered from the wind and rain, but hopefully, our goats can be here in the yard today or tomorrow, which of course makes us all mighty excited. 

I hope to post again soon, but for now I think I'll go and... snatch this opportunity, rest my head on the pillow and take a nap. Wishing you all a lovely week,

Mrs. T


Chava said...

Hope you get feeling better! It has been a season of viruses up here too.

Kristen said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you're better soon. Love the goat pen. I'm sure they will be very happy there!

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I was just thinking that the goat pen is beautiful if it will keep those little guys from wandering:)
Hope you all feel better soon!
Blessings and Shalom,Roxy

Anonymous said...

The goat pen looks great Anna, an accomplishment to say the least. I myself am going to at least get some dough going while my daughter nibbles on homemade pizza crust. Much colder here in the UK so using a tumble dryer.

Get well soon and have a lovely week

G_d bless and keep you all

Renee (Hitchin)

A Friend said...

I hope G-d helps you free yourself from the disease of "hallucination of knowledge"
Your blog shows that even though you may "think" that all your words are with good intentions, you are very much a victim to a case of "ignorance by choice".

Your very shallow knowledge of political matters of the world presumably a result of the constant propaganda you are faced with in Israel, your promotion of blogs like (which is an instant of pure ignorance and a very horrific instance of hatred towards Muslims -All of them in fact Not just a particular group)as a good source for political debate!! just goes to show either your "real" intentions and private beliefs or your complete blindness to what is really happening in the world around you.

As one who respects the followers of all Abrahamic religions I feel very sad to see someone like you who has a blog dedicated to femininity and the life of a G-dly woman hold such inaccurate and prejudiced stances towards other creations of Him. May G-d help you find the light of truth.

By the way have you ever thought what your life would have been like, had you not been born to a Jewish mother? What if you were born to an Arab family in Gaza??

Ever seriously thought about that? Ever thought what your blog would have been like in that case?

Mrs. Anna T said...

To "A Friend",

I do not hate Muslims.

I repeat: I do *not* hate Muslims, even though I *know* Muslims, which makes me very different from people who hate Muslims without ever having seen one. I have grown up among them, I have had Muslim neighbours, Muslims in the shops I went to, in the post office, in the line to the doctor's, in the bus.

I have had Muslim friends in university, although our ways have parted since. I used to come to their dorm room and we studied together.

I know some Muslims live in pitiable conditions, and I feel sorry for them, just as I would for any human being.

However I, by being a Jew, and an Orthodox Jew at that, and living at the so-called West Bank, am caught in a conflict which I did not ask for.

Believe me. I have thought many times about what would have happened, had I not been born to a Jewish mother. Life would be so much calmer and more peaceful if I had been allowed to live it out in some small town in the midwest, or a farm in Australia, or a village in Lapland. But it is not to be. I am what I am.

A Friend said...

I'm not sure I know exactly what your trying to imply by saying "even though I *know* Muslims, which makes me very different from people who hate Muslims without ever having seen one." ... this to say "knowing Muslims personally, gives one *reason* to hate them"? or not?
...but I still think that promotion of blogs such as Sultanknish's, (which is clearly written from a "war-mongering point of view and which always calls Muslims "terrorists" and says that you can never divide Muslims into two groups of peaceful and violent -that all Muslims are violent by nature!) is a real taint on your blog, which is quite honestly "mostly" about family life and household-related subjects.
There are many good things about your blog and I have personally enjoyed reading through many of your posts, without taking into account that you are a Jew or that you are living in Israel, or that many people around the world consider Israel an occupier. Your religion apparently tells you that G-d has promised the Jews this land and that is what you believe and where I in your place I might have thought the same(honestly)

I just thought that if you meant this blog to be dedicated to femininity and peaceful family life and spirituality to some extent, then you should really do so in practice and not include links to such blogs which are obviously anti-Muslim and very insulting to them, unless those point of views have something in common with yours.

As you have beautifully reminded us yourself:
"Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof - Proverbs 18:21"

This wise proverb is in no way observed or even believed by the author of Sultanknish.

My only aim is to make your blog better, as I think you are a woman whose doing her best to truly compensate her past mistakes and live a life to glorify G-d's ways.

Good luck and peace to you and all of G-d's creations which are in truth the best He could create.

Mrs. Anna T said...

I link to a lot of blogs, and Sultan Knish isn't even on my sidebar (that is, a regularly viewed link). I have read his writings, but I don't follow him on a regular basis.

I hope you don't honestly believe I can be held accountable for everything any blog author I've linked to has ever written.

I keep a clear line between the social and the personal. Individually, I have Muslim friends; on a global scale, Muslims want us out of here. If I thought otherwise, I would be deluding myself.

Anonymous said...

To A Friend,

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof" - Proverbs 18:21

Dine well - that exchange was unnecessary. G_d has created the family to exercise His Sovereignty and as women the integrity of our home is our FIRST priority. I hope you come to the fullness of truth.