Sunday, December 23, 2012

A sunny morning

When I first woke on Saturday morning, I thought either my eyes deceive me, or the clock must be wrong, because I have never in living memory woken so late - not since I became a Mom, anyway! :o) But the mystery was solved when we did get up: during the night, the electricity in all of our house got unplugged, and since it was so dark and quiet, we just went on sleeping... it was very refreshing, though naturally, not something that can be repeated often. 

Naturally, we had to wait until the end of Shabbat before my husband could even attempt to fix the problem, which he eventually did. I must say it's really nice when your husband is gifted with his hands and possesses basic technical skills in plumbing, electricity, carpentry, etc, that enable your family to keep the home running smoothly without calling for professional help every other week!

Today, after a stormy weekend, was a day when the sun shines so nicely you feel you could spend the whole day outside, and just keep finding excuses to go out. I had all the materials ready for a project I have long wanted to do - a little sandbox for the girls. A couple of large solid rectangular wooden blocks for bordering (leftovers from this house's construction), some flat stones to go at the bottom, several bags of lovely clean sand my husband bought at a store for building supplies - and there you go; a very simple, inexpensive, yet highly satisfying sandbox. 

They spent a couple of hours there, in vast contentment. Don't they look engrossed? They certainly were. 


Lady Anne said...

Sandboxes are the greatest toy in the world! My sister and I had one our dad made for us, our girls had a big plastic turtle so the top shell kept out the rain - and the various wildlife. A couple of old measuring cups, a funnel and a shovel and you are good to go!

Otter Mom said...

I know what you mean about it being a blessing when your husband is able to do most things around the house, mine is the same way. Although there are times I'd prefer he wasn't so capable because I frequenty get roped in to helping him! Which I usually don't mind, but one time we had to replace the sewer and it was not an experience I wish to repeat. Your girls look like they had a great time in the sandbox, they are so much fun for little ones.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Otter Mom, I know what you mean. :o) My husband, too, needs a helping hand... to hold stuff, to hand him things, to balance whatever he's holding. I'm the one who usually does this, and often at night, because that's when he has time. But it's still better than paying someone else to do stuff we can handle ourselves. :o)

Becky said...

Hi Anna, did you actually hear about the term "unschooling"? I don't think I read it on your blog yet, but I think your approach to life and learning for your daughters fits very much into that category. There are several blogs out there which deal with this topic and I am just getting into it. The gilrs look cute by the way.