Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A surprise gift

For a while now, I have been thinking Shira needs a new bed to replace her creaky and narrow one. And... while going about our errands yesterday, guess what we found waiting for us at the side of a road, ready to be picked up?

I know, I know - I couldn't believe it either! And such a short distance from our home, too, which made it possible to haul it up and tie it to the top of the car and make our triumphant drive very slowly and carefully (altough I do confess, all along I was afraid to hear a mighty crash just behind us, which would mean our load has fallen!). 

It seems to me that, since even before we were married, we haven't thought in the terms of needing something, then just going into a store and buying it. Most of our furniture and many appliances and household items were either gifts, hand-me-downs or fabulous unexpected finds (which, interestingly, made their way into our hands and our home just as we needed them the most). I don't feel at all deprived because of that. Gently used furniture is so much better for a home with little children, because then you don't have to fuss because of stains or crumbs. And after a few months with us, an item of furniture is not so gently used anymore. 

We finally got the much-needed rain around here, and it got quite dark around midday - a perfect opportunity to light some candles and make some bread. One tray is now in the oven, and the other awaiting its turn. Laundry is spread inside today, on the drying rack. I know it will take a longer time to dry inside, but I don't mind waiting because I took good advantage of the previous sunny days and am well caught up on my washing. 

Whenever I find myself in a rainy day that doesn't permit me to leave the house, I daydream about a Viking winter, the way I imagine it based on books - a smoky longhouse; a snowy blizzard outside; people gathered 'round the fire, mending tools, women spinning, weaving and sewing, telling stories, and passing the long winter away, waiting for the renewal brought by Spring. Not that I would actually want to get snowed in for several months with a few dozen other people in one hall, but it makes for a nice daydream. 

I hope your day, rain or snow, wind or sunshine, is lovely - wherever you are.

Mrs. T 


Anonymous said...

Ha! We think alike, Anna. Even if we could afford "full price" I have noticed that the quality of new furniture is not like the old "tried and true" things. We have found some lovely things at 2nd hand stores. Thrift stores are big over here and I am currently hunting for little dresses for my next soon-to-be-born granddaughter. Regarding the winter dream - I imagine things like that too and I love winter when days are shorter and we can get comfy and stay home. We used to read "The Long Winter" by Laura Ingles Wilder every winter when the children were young. Have you read that one?
Have a blessed day. (It was very providential that you found the bed and carried it home before the rain came!)
Mrs. L.

Megan said...

Congrats! you are so blessed. What a find.