Monday, December 3, 2012

And more beauty

In the past days, I have fallen into a negative circle of going to bed late, getting up late, and as a consequence, having my whole day rushed and stressed while I'm chasing my tail, trying to do all that needs to be done. Today, I will do my best to break this circle by going to bed early. 

As a somewhat random thought, a quote from "To Love, Honor and Vacuum" springs to my mind: "Let's face it. Housework's depressing." I find that I cannot agree, not quite, at least, because the term "housework" covers so much. Being a wife and mother at home is really a job with so much variation. Sure, there are the tasks I don't particularly relish (although I still do them every day) like washing the dishes or mopping floors. But I do love laundry, cooking, wiping the windows. There are a lot of things that I do around here that give me satisfaction, not only in having done them (such as a pile of clean dishes) but in the process of doing them. Were it not so, I think it would be quite a challenge to remain at home for even as long as I have so far. 

And, while I'm getting back into my stride, here are a couple more photos from Eilat. 

A lovely little harbor.

At night.

And, another stretch of lovely desert, with some well-adapted trees. Did I mention I (various considerations aside) wouldn't mind living among this magnificence?


Laura Spilde said...

I find that to overcome the depression of housework it helps to be thankful for the kitchen sink. Thank God for the kitchen sink. I went three years without my own kitchen sink (in the home of feminist in-laws) was a battle in and of it self.

Kate said...

Awww! Housework isn't depressing! I used to wonder how I could cope with the neverending task of housework until I came across a thought by Dayna Martin which is to think grateful thoughts about whatever it is you are doing. This helps soooo much!! When doing the dishes I think "I am so lucky to have plentiful food to prepare for my family every night!!" when cleaning the bathroom I think "Wow I am so lucky to have indoor plumbing and sanitary methods of disposal which so many in this world do not have!!" When I do the laundry I think "How lucky am I to be able to provide clean clothes for my family day after day!" NOT trying to be Polyanna here but it's helped my attitude OH SO VERY MUCH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that last pic could be anywere in the SW! (of America) Have you lived in a real desert? I grew up in the SW, & while I liked it as a child, I don't think I could take it as an adult.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Anon, no, I've never lived in a desert, and perhaps I would begin missing the greenery after a while. But the desert is truly magnificent!

momto9 said...

My husband and I took a tour trip to Israel last October and it was breathtaking! Your pictures bring back some really good memories!