Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Practical beauty

Yesterday evening and throughout the night it rained a lot, and so today I woke up to see the world still wet, but bright and sunshiny; the rivulets of rain flowing down from the hills formed a sparkling silvery net. Inspired by the beauty of the day, we headed out to our little garden as soon as the morning chores were done, and dug into the fresh, damp, nice-smelling earth. We decided to go ahead and plant some vegetables, namely potatoes and garlic, that have sprouted in the refrigerator. We have had good experience in the past with planting potatoes that way. 

While I worked, I meditated on how many things are so beautiful to me, not because they are fancy, but because they paint a picture of a home where life is lived constantly, on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis, some satisfying hard work is accomplished, and good times are enjoyed:

- Clothes on the line, billowing in a soft breeze;
- A shiny pot or two on the stove, bubbling with soup or stew; 
- An apron hanging from a peg in the kitchen;
- A glass, copper on stainless steel kettle of tea; 
- Beds fluffed up with fresh linens;
- A sewing machine set out and ready, with some fabric situated right by it; or a pair of knitting needles next to a ball of yarn;
- Food growing in the garden, whether in the form of plants or animals - because it speaks of humane farming and self-sustainability; 
- Woodwork in the process of being done - garden furniture, swings, house extensions, barns, decks... several of our neighbours have recently completed very nice decks, and it has been a pleasure to watch them at their work. 

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Of course I love also other, purely decorative things, such as candles, flowers, homemade soaps, paintings, oil burners, crocheted table mats, and the list is long. But there's just so much beauty in the daily life, even without all the embellishments. It goes without saying that neatness, cleanliness and order (as much as can be expected at one's season of life) enhance every beauty that may be found at home. 

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Gege said...

Hi! I love the way you write! So warm and cozy! I feel the peace of your heart! Sorry for my bad english, I'm Italian!
Have a wonderful day!