Monday, December 10, 2012

Thank you, dear friends

Thanks to all who have commented on my last post. You are so wonderfully supportive. Our goat seems to be doing well, but is much more nervous and easily spooked than usual, which is quite understandable. The sound of a window opening, for example, is enough to send her running. I hope this won't be a long-lasting change in her personality. I can tell you I'm very twitchy myself, checking on the goats and chickens much more often than usual. 

I went to the local authorities, and when confronted by them, the dog owner said he was "sorry" and promised it "would never happen again." Unfortunately I know his heart isn't really in it, otherwise he would have told the same to my husband right away, not just under threat of a fine. Truly, I believe there should be a "potentially dangerous dog license" the same way there is a driver's license, with the possibility to take the license (and dog) away under certain circmstances. 

For today, here's a random shot from our yard: a cute featherball of a bantam cochin cockerel. 

I wish a happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish readers, and an enjoyable holiday season to you all! 


Zorro said...

Goats might get a little skittish (once bitten, twice shy), but they don't get post traumatic stress disorder. I'm sure she'll recover with the love and affection (and banana peels) you give her.

Ganeidaz Knot said...

There are no bad animals ~ only bad owners. I am so sorry this happened. Animal owners need to be responsible & train & restrain their animals properly. I own cats so I know this isn't always easy. ☺