Sunday, January 13, 2013

A new week begins

After a very cold and stormy last week, this one dawned bright and sunshiny, with a clear sky and a warm breeze reminiscent of spring. I took advantage of the extra clotheslines my husband very thoughtfully fixed up for me, to hang out three loads of laundry one after another. It was a busy morning, as the aftermath of a weekend usually is. 

The view of the muddy river from our balcony, last week. I can tell you, I did not envy the goatherds down in the valley. The water is nearly all gone now, though. 

A couple of very cute goats we saw on our last visit to Ha-Kfar Ha-Yarok. Isn't that long hair adorable?! I'd love a goat like that for myself. I risk getting dangerously addicted, I know. :o)

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Katie B. of said...

What a beautiful view! How crazy is it that I envy that goat's hair. It's so full and shiny!