Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beautiful craftswomanship

Here is a pair of knitting masterpieces (and my photo is nowhere near doing them justice, I know) made by my friend Rose, for the two delighted little recipients who are currently wearing them with great pleasure. The jumpers are knitted of lovely soft wool and are a treat to touch as well as to look at. 

In the meanwhile we, although still lamenting the lack of time to learn to knit properly, haven't been idle either. I've had a crochet project going on for a while, and in the past few days I'm also recycling some yarn which was used in projects that were less than a smashing success. Shira expressed the desire to learn to crochet, so today we sat down for our first lesson... which wasn't a smashing success either, but it's a start. 

I remember, long before I knew how to hold the knitting/crochet needles, my Grandma used to ask me to make balls of yarn for her. We would sit cosily, she knitting, me making those satisfyingly soft balls of yarn. I was very little, and so proud to have something useful to do. 

It's a rainy day today, so we were forced to dispense with our usual walk, in favor of quiet pursuits here around the house... much to my liking. :o) I hope you all are having a wonderful day as well! 


Otter Mom said...

I'm so glad that Shira is interested in learning to crochet. I tried teaching my daughter when she was about 5 or 6, but she was too young to really be interested in it. When she was 18, she decided it was time to try it again and she loves it. I'm always glad to see someone passing knowledge down and especially when we are able to teach our children.

Lady Anne said...

I used to do a lot of counted cross-stitch, and my youngest wanted to learn. Very frustrating, as the needle kept coming unthreaded, and it was hard to count, etc. I bought some plastic canvas and applied white glue to the ends of some lengths of yarn, so she had a "built-in" needle, and off she went. She still makes nice things from plastic canvas, including copying some figures from a wall-paper border to make a tissue box cover for the bedroom.

Mrs. DishPanHands said...

I can't believe how BIG Shira is getting!! I remember you were pregnant with her with I first started reading your blog!
Time goes by so quickly!
Your friend Rose did a beautiful job. :)
- Kristin

Serena said...

Lovely cardigan and pullover! What wonderful gifts, obviously made with love. My older daughter is learning to knit. Sometimes I wonder if I should have started with crochet. :)

Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com said...

What beautiful jumpers! It's such a good thing to pass on knowledge of skills like knitting and crocheting. My mother wasn't interested in learning those skills from her mother, and so she wasn't able to teach me, either. I'm slowly learning to knit now, and hope to take up crochet one day, too. My son wants to learn as well!

lorelei4mc said...

If there are resale or consignment shops in town, consider buying knit clothing or scarves and unraveling them, if you like the fiber and color but not the size or style. If you find a good deal, you can buy a whole garment's worth of yarn for less than you'd pay for a single skein at the yarn store. It takes a good eye...and patience.