Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cold days and baking bread

After a nice long period of sunshine and perfect spring-like weather, we're having some thunderstorms around here again. A lightning (can't think of any other explanations) messed up with our electricity so that we don't have lights in the living room at the moment - which made me happily pull out some candles. It was very cozy to sit like that in the soft light, and eat some apple fritters I whipped up on the spur of the moment as a cold-weather treat. 

Since it was a cold day, I find it nice to spend it in the warm kitchen, cooking and baking. I made meatballs, and also four loaves of rye bread. My first attempt with whole rye flour was less than satisfactory, I must confess: the dough didn't rise properly, and the final product was very dense. Also, when I washed my hands after kneading, the dough felt like clay - it was equally sticky and difficult to remove.

So, it was the lack of desire to knead rye dough again that prompted me to use the no-knead pita dough recipe this time. And lo and behold, not only did I save myself some messy work, but the dough rose much better! I haven't tasted any of the loaves yet (I froze them for Shabbat) but they sure look nicer than last time. So perhaps this little tip-off will be helpful if any of you were put off using whole rye flour in bread making. 


Rose said...

Anna I've never had a good result from a pure rye loaf. I find a quarter to a third white flour gives much better results.

Linnea said...

:) Nice to hear you're trying rye bread! As you probably know, we eat it a lot here in Finland. The consistence of your dough sounds correct, it is VERY sticky. I have some good recipes for rye bread, I could email them to you if you like?

Katie B. of said...

I'm glad you shared that tip about the whole rye flour. Although I love the flavor, my rye loaves never turn out well, either.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Linnea, yes, please do send me your bread recipes! Good recipes for rye bread are so hard to find.