Monday, February 25, 2013

Early Pesach cleaning project: mid-way evaluation

As you perhaps remember, this year I decided to undertake Pesach cleaning much earlier than usual; in past years, I didn't even begin anything before Purim, while this year I declared "Pesach mode" right after Tu B'Shvat, which gave me about a month of extra preparation.

So, what has been accomplished in that month? Less than I expected, but still a considerable amount of work:

- Bathroom cabinets in both bathrooms
- Closets, ours and the girls', have been rearranged
- All the shutters (and we have a lot of windows, thus, a lot of shutters)
- Our second freezer has been cleaned and organized, with all non-kosher-for-Pesach products banished
- The stockpile cabinets have been given an overall make-over, and divided into three sections: kosher for Pesach, non-kosher-for-Pesach-but-not-chametz, and chametz. The latter will be disposed of before Pesach.
- A menu plan was made, ensuring that if we follow it, on the eve of Pesach we'll only have kosher-for-Pesach products at home - without wasting food.
... Also, I did a number of this-and-that, such as thoroughly cleaning the washing machine, laundering some extra things that won't be in use before Pesach, giving the stove a thorough pre-clean, and such like. As I said, it is far less than I expected to do, but it's a start.

We will see how well this holds to the reality test, which is the stress levels right before Pesach. Will they be lower this year? Only time will tell, I suppose.

And now, off to clean!


Melinda said...

Sounds like you've made a lot of early progress! This is very inspiring to me. I'm an Orthodox Christian and Great Lent begins in about 3 weeks, and during Lent I try to get the house all cleaned up. It's time to make a plan! Thanks for the ideas!

Anonymous said...

Is Pesach the same as Passover? I love that [true] story in the Word of God. The blood of the lamb being applied to the doorposts and the destroying angel passing over.
Mrs. L.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Mrs. L, yes, Pesach is the same as Passover. I should have mentioned it. :o)

Anonymous said...

Well done for getting started!! Though it sounds like a lot of what you have done is spring cleaning rather than pesach cleaning. I am always sure to clearly define this to my kids so that when they one day are PG preparing for pesach they don't feel obligated to, say, clean the shutters, since there will be years when for various reasons they may not be able to get round to doing the spring cleaning before pesach. but hey, it's great to sit down at seder an know that your house is sparkling! good luck with the rest of it!!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Anon, yes, spring cleaning and the actual Pesach cleaning go hand in hand here.