Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just some random thoughts on a quiet Sunday

Lately, it has been more difficult than usual for me to post on the blog, because so much of my thoughts are occupied with things far too personal to share here. I'm thinking about people whom I have loved, and who have loved me, and whom I will most likely never see again; I'm thinking about places where I would like to go, but which I probably will never see in this lifetime. I'm thinking about things I had done, and wish I hadn't, and things I hadn't done and wish I had. 

And in the midst of all this, life merrily rolls on. Food is cooked, dishes done, washing hung out, animals tended, eggs gathered, wonders of nature enjoyed. Today we ventured out to see the almond trees in blossom - so beautiful. The girls were looking for ladybugs, the goats were enjoying the lush young grass, and I sat down to finish a hat I've been working on, for the girls (I will try to post a photo when I've finished). We are so lucky to live here, in the midst of all this beauty, in a place where we can have a quiet, close-to-nature life. 

Last week, I began reading a curious little book called Possum Living, which promises to teach one how to live well "with almost no money". I can't even begin to list the things in this book I don't agree with, or things which are irrelevant to us (such as hunting, as we are Jewish and will only eat properly slaughtered meat) but it does have some very neat money-saving tips. It's was written in 1978 and is now available for downloading in a PDF form in several websites - or, if you want to read it but are having trouble finding it, send me a line and I'll email the PDF to you. 

Winter is almost over, or so it feels, and the wild flowers are all in blossom, with bees buzzing everywhere. The call of the partridge can be heard many times a day. Goat kids (and fresh milk) and more chicks are eagerly anticipated.  

I hope your day is lovely. 

With friendship,

Mrs. T


Stephanie said...

I understand where you are coming from as I have been having similar thoughts lately.

momto9 said...

Me too!!

Cheryl said...

I too find myself reminiscing sometimes about my past, but I have to be careful not to fall into temptation with longing for things that aren't mine or memories that cause me to sin or become depressed.