Sunday, March 17, 2013

Closer and closer...

As time continues to roll on unbelievably quickly, brining us ever closer to Pesach, I find myself with far less leisure on my hands... but I did seize the chance to read this lovely post, forwarded to me by Kate. Thank you, dear Kate, for taking the time to indirectly encourage me, and others like me, who found themselves deep up to their ears in a job they were not at all trained for (mothering, homemaking, sometimes living in a very remote corner). 

Perhaps it's too early to tell, but I think I can cautiously venture to say that my Early Pesach Experiment had been a success. We have just a little over a week left until the holiday, and I am feeling much more at peace, and much more satisfied with the amount of work already done, than I normally do at this time of the year. Today I rolled up my sleeves and dug deeply into the girl's room; I wish I had thought to take "before" and "after" photos to show you; but anyhow, I freed up a lot of space - and that's before getting rid of any of the things that will shortly be put up for adoption.

For a bit of pre-Pesach fun, check out this comic

Also, it's a good moment to acknowledge two superb gifts from my husband that have made these past few weeks a lot easier: a new vacuum cleaner and a new refrigerator. Cleaning the refrigerator is always one of my least favorite Pesach tasks, and it feels very nice to know that this year, at least, I will be able to skip it.

Also, this article provides wonderful information about everything Pesach - chametz, non-chametz, what is necessary and unnecessary in pre-Pesach cleaning, etc.

I'm wishing you a lovely week, and to my Jewish readers, happy Pesach in case I won't be able to update again before the holiday!

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Leiani said...

A new refrigerator and vacuum, that certainly makes a lot of difference for you. I too recently had my husband come home with new vacuum, and it made me so happy! I'm very pleased to hear that your cleaning is relatively stress free too. Blessings.