Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My lovely busy life

Life is always busy around here, and at this time, most of all I just enjoy living it, immersing myself in productive and satisfying work, interwined with leisure just enough to give healthful breaks. I like the best those days when,  even though a lot of work is accomplished, all is done without rushing or stress.

But as we approach Pesach, I always gear myself up for a few extra-full days, with so much additional work to be done...

... The washing machine is working non-stop, churning out load after load of bedcovers, couch covers, curtains, winter clothes, and other things I am busy folding and putting away.

... Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning is going on ceaselessly; kitchen cabinets and refrigerators are lined with new clean paper.

... Closets are re-arranged, with summer clothes pulled back down from the upper shelves, soon to be used again; bags of clothes to be given away are assembled.

And of course there's all the usual stuff going on: cooking, dishes, taking care of the animals, and now, milking goats and making cheese as well; meal time, story time, bath time with the girls; and a myriad other things that happen and are called life.


Leiani said...

Life can be so busy, but as you said, it is also lovely. Last night I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all that I must face, but at the same time it was very easy to count my blessings. Hope your whirlwind time of busy-ness is productive and you accomplish all that you wish. Happy homemaking!
Leiani, Perth, Western Australia
(have been lurking a long time!!!)

maria smith said...

Yes, when I am overwhelmed, I also try and catch my breath and remember how blessed I am. The job of a mom is pretty much constant and sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes I can't do it all alone, and that's when I have to call for help, usually it's a call to my mom for wise counsel, other times it's my housekeeping service. Regardless, I would rather be busy and needed in the lives of my family.